The Hydrocore valve is the only globe valve that breaks away from the standard globe valve and works in an entirely different way. Instead of applying a force on a plug (disc) to regulate the flow, the Hydrocore valve uses a hydrostatically balanced shuttle to regulate the flow.


Our hydraulically balanced valve, requires very low operating forces to actuate.  Therefore, no gearbox is required to assist in the valve's opening or closing. The absence of a gearbox to operate the valve eliminates the risk of malfunctioning and offers a far higher lifetime over traditional valves such as ball valves that rely on gearboxes to operate.

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A complicated valve is a valve that invariably will have issues once the valve is commissioned. The simpler the design the better. This is the curse or blessing of K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid).

Our valve is simple and reliable with a robust construction.


Very little maintenance is required and can be undertaken by semi-skilled personnel, with a short downtime period. The more moving parts in any valve design the more prone the valve will be to constant maintenance and servicing. This is even more of a concern in a setting where conditions are not optimal for smooth valve functioning. The Hydrocore valve is simple to maintain and service compared with a standard globe valve.


Since 2010 we have been improving the design of our valve range in order to be more energy efficient. The cost of electricity in today’s economic climate has increased significantly in general, and skyrocketed for the mining industry in particular. The techniques of improving the energy efficiency in the Hydrocore product range has been done on two fronts: via a Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling (CFD) and through Real World Demo Testing (RWD). The result of both these methods has been astronomical vis-à-vis the cost to energy savings .

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If a valve keeps on breaking down and requires constant servicing and maintenance, then the valve is no more an asset. In fact, it is now an obstacle to the smooth running of the entire operation. Inevitably, the valve gets replaced by another brand. The Hydrocore valve, if maintained on a regular basis, will be keep on functioning indefinitely.



 The Hydrocore™ range of isolating valves can accommodate any form of isolation method without having to use external equipment such as pilots, pistons or gearboxes.

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 The Hydrocore™ range of safety valves are valves that have been tried and tested in the mining industry. These applications can be used for all valve positions, sizes and pressure ratings.

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Pressure Relief - Line Fluid
Excess Flow Shutdown, Hydropower


 The Hydrocore™ range of control valves are utilized in any water fluid pipeline to manage and control the way the medium acts in the pipeline.

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 Hydrocore™ provides a more complete package with fully fitted stations. All that is needed is to connect the system to the inlet and outlet ports on the pipeline. These stations provide a complete solution to the most common system requirements in any mine. Ranging from safety, control and automation, the Hydrocore™ range of systems provides peace of mind to the end user.

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